API Reference

The BlackBerry WebWorks SDK contains three sets of APIs that you can work with:

BlackBerry WebWorks APIs allow you to take advantage of functionality that is specific to BlackBerry, such as contacts, calendar, and BBM.
Apache Cordova
Apache Cordova APIs provide access to cross-platform features, such as accelerometer, camera, and geolocation.
BlackBerry WebWorks supports all standard HTML5 features. Where we have extended the functionality beyond what is required by the standard HTML5 or special permissions are required, we have included an entry in our API reference.

The APIs are listed by category below and alphabetically at left.

A few APIs, such as connections and contacts, exist in more than one API library. For cross-platform compatibility, use the Apache Cordova or HTML5 version. If you are developing for BlackBerry only, using the BlackBerry APIs may allow you to access additional features or to incur less overhead.

App Integration

APIs that integrate platform applications and functionality into your own app, such as email, calendar, and BBM. You can also use these APIs to invoke actions from other apps.


Data Management

Use the APIs in this category to access data from data sources such as XML, JSON, or SQL. You can also store data in data models (to display to users in a list), manage large amounts of data, and create a file picker that lets users select and save individual or multiple files.

Device and Communication

Manage device features and use communication APIs, ranging from NFC and GPS to Wi-Fi and gyroscope.


Identity Service

An API that helps you use the Identity Service library provided by a specific Identity Provider.



Use maps and location services in your apps, and provide support for mapping features, such as landmarks.


Access the camera and other media.


Support different platform features in your apps, such as Payment Service, notifications, languages, and home screen functions.

User Interface

Use the classes that make up the UI framework to build visually appealing and easy-to-use UIs.

Last modified: 2015-03-19

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