Can I use the simulator if I don't have a supported graphics card?

Yes. Safe mode was added to the BlackBerry 10 Device Simulator to support users who do not have a video card that is compatible with VMware.  If you do not have a supported graphics card, you can click inside the simulator window before it starts and select BB10DevAlphaSafe as the screen type.

How do I debug a networking issue?

You might have networking issues when there are IP address conflicts. You must get the IP address of the simulator to verify that there are no conflicts with your computer. Use these tips to resolve your networking issue:

  1. Make sure that the VM NAT service and the VM DHCP service are running on your computer.
  2. If you have a VPN or VLAN running, make sure it does not conflict with VMware.
  3. Ensure that your VMnet8 adapter is running. Get the IPV4 address for the adapter and ping it to make sure that it is running. The IP address should be start with 192.168.*. If it starts with 192.169.*, try disabling and enabling the adapter.
  4. If you're running VMware Workstation, you can use the vm_run tool to determine which IP address is assigned to the virtual machine's operating system.
  5. Switch from NAT to Bridged mode in the Hardware tab of your Virtual Machine Settings.
  6. Find the vmnetdhcp file on your system. This file contains all the IP addresses assigned by the VMware DHCP server. Check for conflicts.

How do I improve the performance of the simulator?

Virtual machine acceleration significantly improves the performance of the simulator. To enable virtualization, see "Use virtualization extensions to share processor resources," in System requirements.

Why do I receive error code 8 when I load and start an application?

If you receive the error message Unable to start <app> due to error 8, it might be because your app wasn't built for the x86 architecture (32-bit). Rebuild the app for the x86 architecture and try again.

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