Changing the simulator device settings

To change simulator settings, or retrieve device information, click the top bezel on the home screen. The following options are available:


These settings provide the following information about your device:
  • General lists your device name, BlackBerry ID, model, model number, OS version, serial number, and the number of music, videos, pictures, and documents it contains.
  • Hardware lists your device attributes, such as your PIN, the amount of memory, and so on.
  • OS lists your operating system information, such as OS type, version, build number, and so on.
  • Network displays the current connection information.
  • Legal contains the software copyright and licensing information.

Network Connections

These settings provide options for connectivity:

  • Airplane Mode lets you simulate airplane mode. Airplane mode lets you use a physical device on a plane by turning off all wireless connections.

  • Wi-Fi enables you to turn Wi-Fi connectivity on and off, as well as choose your networks and advanced settings. You can also save these networks and settings.

  • Bluetooth enables you to turn the Bluetooth connection on and off, configure your Bluetooth connections and choose paired devices.

  • NFC enables you to turn NFC on and off. With NFC turned on, you can transfer files, use NFC tags, and use NFC-enabled cards. You can configure NFC options, such as file transfers and card transactions.

    The simulator supports Peer to Peer (P2P) and card emulation, as described in Testing NFC apps.

  • VPN allows you to add new VPN profiles and use saved ones. If you are connected to a VPN service and then connect a USB device or use the simulator to connect to back end data, you may be blocked by firewall provisions.


These settings allow you to set notifications (such as sound, vibrate and LED) for emails, messages and phone calls.

System Volume

This setting adjusts the general volume of the device, and turns on and turns off volume keys.


These settings allow you to enter account information for your application to retrieve.


These settings provide options for the screen display:

  • Brightness enables you to change the brightness of the screen.
  • Auto Brightness enables you to choose the default brightness.
  • Backlight Timeout allows you to choose the time after which the backlight dims.
  • Screen Lock allows you to choose the time after which the screen will lock.
  • Advanced allows you to turn retail display mode off and on. Retail display mode plays videos while your device is in standby mode and the charger is plugged in.

Language and Input

These settings let you choose the display language, country/region and measurement system. Text Input, a sub-menu of Languages and Inputs, enables:

  • Input Language and the language detection feature can determine which language you are typing in. You can add and remove languages from a list of enabled languages.
  • On-Screen Keyboard allows you to adjust the audible feedback volume, and turn key-press pop-up and voice input key off and on. You can choose the dictation language for your device. You can also configure suggestion display for your device.
  • Spell Check lists the options to configure your spell checker.
  • Automated Assistance lists the options to configure auto-correction and auto-complete.

Other Input Methods enables you to configure external keyboards and voice input.

Voice Control (Not currently supported)

Voice control allows you to dictate text or commands to your device. The results provided to you convert to spoken words or automated responses.

BlackBerry Link (Not currently supported)

With BlackBerry Link, you can manage and sync content between BlackBerry 10 devices and your computer. 

BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry ID allows you to connect to a variety of BlackBerry services, and change your account properties and settings.

BlackBerry Protect (Not currently supported)

BlackBerry Protect is designed to give you a convenient way to back up and restore BlackBerry device data over a wireless network. BlackBerry Protect also includes features that can help you find your device and protect your data if your device is ever lost or stolen.

Security and Privacy

These settings provide the following options:

  • Application Permissions enable you to manage the accessibility of your applications.
  • Device Password enables you to set a password for your device and configure screen lock settings.
  • Encryption enables you to encrypt personal data and files.
  • Diagnostics enable you to send data to Research In Motion to help improve BlackBerry products.
  • Certificates enable you to manage, edit and import public and private keys.
  • Development Mode allows you to enable software development and install a debug token.

Media Sharing (Not currently supported)

Media sharing allows you to wirelessly share media files on your BlackBerry device with supported DLNA certified devices.

Date and Time

This setting allows you to update date and time preferences, such as time zone, date, and 24-hour clock.

Backup (Not currently supported)

When you back up your device, copies of system files, applications, settings, music, pictures, and other items are stored on your computer. You need to install BlackBerry link on your computer before using Backup.

Software Updates

This setting allows you to update the software of your BlackBerry 10 device.


This setting allows you to turn search history off and on, clear search history and choose categories and extended searches.

Storage and Access

Storage settings allow you to view and configure how data is stored and accessed on your device, including access to simulated SD memory.

Location Services

These settings enable certain applications that use your location to provide you with a better experience.

Payment Options (Not currently supported)

These settings allow you to set up and manage your favorite options for online purchase payments.


You can configure accessibility settings to use your device more comfortably, for example, increasing your screen magnification.

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