Installing the simulator

BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators

  1. Review the platform selections above and download the simulator setup application for your operating system.
  2. Run the setup application and follow the instructions in the installation screens.
  3. Start the simulator by choosing one of the following based on your operating system:

    1. For Windows, from the start menu, select Program Files > BlackBerry 10 Simulator.
    2. For Linux, start the VMware Player and click Open a Virtual Machine. In the folder where you installed the simulator, select BlackBerry10Simulator.vmx or BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator.vmx, and click Open. Click Play virtual machine.
    3. For OSX, open the folder where you installed the simulator, and double-click BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_n_nn, or BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator-n.n.n.
    4. From the Start menu in Windows, select Program Files > BlackBerry 10 Simulator to start the simulator.

If you do not have a supported graphics card, you can click inside the simulator window before it starts and select BB10DevAlphaSafe as your screen type to continue without supported graphics.

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