Push Service

The benefits of push technology are huge. Just imagine displaying notifications in your app the minute an interesting event happens in the real world.

Technical Features of the Push Service

  • Allows up to 8 KB payload
  • Uses standard push protocols (WAP PAP 2.0 and 2.1)
  • Supports the following requests via HTTP XML:
    • Submit Push (to PIN)
    • Cancel Push
    • Query for Status
    • Supports the Subscription Check API (for the BlackBerry Internet Service only)
  • Provides result notification responses
  • Provides different submission modes:
    • Point-to-point (submit push to single PIN)
    • Multicast (submit push to list of PINs)
    • Broadcast (submit to all PINs for a registered application)
  • Allows developers to control the expiry time (push system will automatically retry pushing requests until expiry time)
  • Allows applications to be closed, receive a push, process the push data in the background and then close again, so users can be notified without a disruption to their current state (this feature is enabled by the multitasking and multiple process BlackBerry OS)
  • Allows developers to set the quality of service:
    • Application (“message reached application” acknowledgement returned to server)
    • Transport (“message reached device” acknowledgement)

Push Service Options

  Push Essentials Push Plus
8 KB Content Yes Yes
Unique Ports (per application Yes Yes
Multiple Casting Methods Yes Yes
Status Query No Yes
Quality of Service/Detailed Acknowledgements No Yes
Controllable Expiry Time Yes - up to 30 days Yes - up to 8 hours
Fee Free Annual fee if your push application sends over 100,000 pushes per day; otherwise free