Push Service

The benefits of push technology are huge. Just imagine displaying notifications in your app the minute an interesting event happens in the real world.

Build with Push Power

Immediate information

Smartphone customers have come to expect to have information at their fingertips when they're notified of something new. The key ingredient which gives the BlackBerry smartphone this capability is push technology.

The Push Service allows you to easily develop Cascades, WebWorks, AIR, and Java applications that leverage push technology through the BlackBerry Internet Service, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or BlackBerry Device Service. You can securely and reliably push images, text or audio content to millions of BlackBerry devices at once.

With the Push Service, full content (up to an industry-leading 8 KB in size) is pushed to the BlackBerry smartphone and made immediately available for use. Because of push message size limitations, alternative push solutions can only provide simple notifications that new content is available to download.


Pushing data to a BlackBerry smartphone provides users with instant access to desired updates as they happen, such as news and weather, sports scores, stock prices and other time-sensitive content. The Push Service provides an efficient way to quickly push timely information updates to many BlackBerry smartphones at once, in a centrally managed and controlled manner.

Using the Push Service SDK, you can select exactly how the push functionality is implemented in your app. The Push Plus option allows your application to be notified about or query the status of push requests to determine whether the push arrived successfully to a BlackBerry device. You can also be very selective in who you send information to, including individual customers (point-to-point), many customers (multicast) or all of your user base (broadcast).

Longer Battery Life

The Push Service minimizes the impact on the BlackBerry smartphone battery life. Instead of actively checking for new data, your application can remain closed. Once the data is delivered, the application can be launched in the background to process it as needed.

This process is different from alternative methods, such as polling, where a device regularly polls an application server to see if new content is available. This happens even if new content isn't available. Each poll reduces battery life through activation of the antenna and access to the wireless network.

With the Push Service, your app receives the necessary information when it's needed, without draining your users' battery life with unnecessary polling requests or multiple poke and pull steps to download new content.

Reduced waiting times and increased data efficiency for customers

Other experiences simulate the Push Service by repeatedly transmitting data back and forth between the device application and related server. The Push Service transmits information only when it's actually available, so data traffic is generated only when needed.

End-to-end visibility

Users can send confidential corporate information with the assurance they'll know exactly where and when it's been received.

With the Push Plus option, you can receive up to three status reports on your push request: a server acknowledgement, transport acknowledgements and app level acknowledgements. Real-time status allows you to query the status of a push request down to a specific BlackBerry smartphone.

Easy to get started

The Push Service SDK and the client and server sample applications and code available provide a jumpstart in building a push-based data delivery service. Using the Push Service means you're using the same BlackBerry Infrastructure that handles the proven, core services of the BlackBerry smartphone, which provides a wealth of experience at your service.

A world of opportunity

The Push Service can help your app become slicker and drive more traffic back to revenue generators such as transactions, subscriptions and advertising. Frequent push requests can also bring your application to the forefront of your users' attention. Because users are alerted, they're given a reason to open your app. This can help prevent your app from getting lost among the other content on a BlackBerry smartphone.

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