Advertising Service

Advertising Service

The Advertising Service can simplify your path to in-app ad revenue. Let BlackBerry help with your in-app advertising, both commercially and technically, so you can focus on what you do best: building a fantastic app that will make you money.

Learn how to use the Advertising Service for the following platforms:

BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry OS

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Deeply and Easily Integrated

  • One relationship with a trusted partner—BlackBerry
  • Innovative integration of BlackBerry Ad Units with the BlackBerry platform
  • No custom coding required—advertisements are delivered to your app through just one SDK
  • Monetization of inventory and increased ad revenues by integrating your ad networks with Smaato technology
Address Book

Click to Address Book

Clicking an ad can immediately create an address book entry.


Click to Calendar

Clicking an ad can produce a calendar entry to designate an event or activity.

BlackBerry World

Click to BlackBerry World

Clicking an ad can open BlackBerry World.


Click to Video

Clicking an ad can trigger a video to play.