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Get Started

Step 1: Register as a BlackBerry World Vendor

To stay up to date with all the latest information about the Built for BlackBerry program, register now to be a BlackBerry World Vendor.

Step 2: Request a signing account and signing keys

To start developing applications, you'll need to request free signing keys.

Step 3: Download tools and start developing your app

Check out our Getting Started page, where you can download tools, view API references, sample apps and documentation.

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Step 4: Review the Porting Guide material

Review the Sencha Porting Guide. You may also find these links helpful:

Step 5: Submit your app to BlackBerry World

Once your BlackBerry 10 app is developed, you will be able to submit your app to BlackBerry World.

Step 6 (optional): Request Built for BlackBerry testing

Applications submitted to the Built for BlackBerry program will be subject to a range of tests and evaluations which they must pass before receiving the Built for BlackBerry designation. To find out more, please visit the Built for BlackBerry program website.