Text is used to label items, provide instructions, and convey simple concepts. As simple as that may seem, text is one of the most important aspects of an effective UI. Designers, writers, and developers should work together to create effective text. If the text doesn't seem quite right, this can signal a design problem.

Best practices

  • In general, all text on the UI should use friendly language and a conversational tone.
  • Avoid wordiness. Too much of an explanation discourages reading and is inconsistent with the UI of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. If a complex concept must be explained, consider adding it to a Help screen.
  • Avoid using trademarks or other symbols on the UI. Add these to an About screen instead.
  • Place labels to the left of UI components in most languages. The only exceptions are check boxes and radio buttons, which should have the labels to the right.

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