Best practice: Writing for different languages and regions

  • Include subjects where possible. For example, use "the list that appears when you type" instead of "the list that appears when typing".
  • Include articles where possible. For example, use "press the Power button" instead of "press Power".
  • Use relative pronouns where possible. For example, use "the email address that you use" instead of "the email address you use".
  • Use terms consistently throughout the UI and try to use terms that are consistent with other applications on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Using consistent terms improves the accuracy of the translations.
  • Avoid using slang, idioms, jargon, colloquialisms, and metaphors in your UI. These terms can be difficult for translators to translate and for users to understand.
  • Avoid references to ethnicity, religion, culture, and gender.
  • For references to countries, use the political name of each country. For example, use "People's Republic of China" instead of "Mainland China."
  • Verify that translated text uses local language conventions where possible.

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