Version 10.3 visual refresh

Purposeful simplicity

The fresh new look of BlackBerry 10 reflects our commitment to purposeful simplicity. Thoughtful visual design improves comprehension, memory, and inference. Our interface is full of beautiful, precision-crafted objects that productive people want to use every day. Browse through the UI Guidelines to see more examples of how the BlackBerry 10 visual environment is changing in version 10.3.

The guiding principles of the visual refresh are:

Black or white canvas becomes the base. BlackBerry 10 displays a striking all-white or all-black theme depending on device screen type or specific app theme selection. The uniformity of the theme opens up the screen and enhances readability. Content becomes the focus.

Precise and simplified for an unobtrusive experience. You only need to look at a screen element once to understand what its purpose is and how it can help you.

Color for focus and signature actions. Color is not just decoration; it is a partner in productivity. Accent colors are used to denote an actionable item, an alert, or something requiring your attention.

Balanced tension between distinct shapes and use of whitespace. Basic geometric shapes like sharp squares and circles help to create tension, which is why they are the new primary shapes of BlackBerry 10. Whitespace is used as a tool to separate chunks of content and enhance legibility.

Version 10.2.1 example

Calendar screen from version 10.2.1

Version 10.3 example

Calendar screen from 10.3.

See the comparisons below to understand some of the most important design evolutions in the enhanced UI:

Simple, light, colorful

Heavy components and borders are replaced with a simple, flat UI that draws attention with a splash of color:

Title bar, before version 10.3

Title bar, version 10.3

Simplified app icon design

App icons now have a bright, flat design that helps the user identify the app quickly. The semitransparent tile that previously anchored the icons to the home screen is now gone:

Games app icon, before version 10.3.

Games app icon, version 10.3.

Revised action bars

Action bars now feature a prominent signature action and a more compact design. They move out of the way when the user doesn't need them:

Action bar, before version 10.3.

Action bar, version 10.3.

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