Vendor guidelines and app vetting criteria

Before you sign up for a BlackBerry World vendor account, you must understand your rights and obligations as defined in the vendor guidelines. Additionally, you should also become familiar with the BlackBerry World app vetting guidelines so you know what is appropriate to submit before you commit development time. Both of these documents are updated from time to time, so check back often to review the most recent version.

Review the BlackBerry World Vendor Guidelines.

The vendor guidelines outline the basic rules for interacting with BlackBerry World, including stipulations about the validity of your information and the functional state of the apps you submit.

Review the BlackBerry World App Vetting Criteria.

The vetting criteria document describes how the BlackBerry team will evaluate your app for possible release to BlackBerry World. Rules regarding content, functionality, privacy, and branding must be followed by your app before it can be accepted for release and sale.

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