Tips for getting your apps approved

BlackBerry strives to get your app reviewed and approved quickly, but you can help if you:

  • Include all files (for BlackBerry 10 OS and later) or .cod files (for BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier) in your release bundle.
  • Complete the Confirmation of Digital Rights form if your application includes third-party content.
  • Complete the User-Generated Safeguards form if your application contains user-generated content (for example, chat with another user or upload a photo).
  • Complete the Export Control Questionnaire form if your application uses an encryption method like HTTPS or SSL.
  • Link to a privacy policy if your app collects or uses customers' personal information.
  • Check that your application, name, description and screenshot/icon images do not name competitors or competing products.
  • The BlackBerry brand and trademark are used appropriately, as outlined in the Public Guidelines for Use of BlackBerry Trademarks.
  • If you have written authorization or license from BlackBerry, you may use BlackBerry branding (BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry) in your application.

The guidelines for BlackBerry owned brands can also be applied to other recognizable brands, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Microsoft. Generally, if an application name starts with a brand/company/product it implies an association and that it’s an authorized or official application submitted by that brand/company/product. For example:


Not allowed

  • Player for YouTube
  • Chat for Facebook
  • Workflow for SAP
  • YouTube Player
  • Facebook Chat
  • Microsoft Excel Tips

Once your apps are approved, they will automatically be posted for sale. You can opt out of this automatic posting during the application submission process, but you need to do so before you submit your apps for review. You will receive email notifications from the administrator of the BlackBerry World vendor portal when your releases and applications are approved.

New apps can take 12 to 24 hours to appear on the BlackBerry World web store and device client. Once your application is submitted for review, you can change only the metadata (icons, screenshots, description, and so on) in the vendor portal. Any metadata changes submitted after your application is published can take up to 12 hours to appear on the web store and device client.

You cannot modify anything except for supported devices in a release that has been uploaded for review. To request your release(s) be removed from the review queue to enable for modifications, complete the BlackBerry World vendor support form.

What to do if your app is not approved

While BlackBerry strives to approve all third-party applications submitted to the BlackBerry World vendor portal, some applications can be denied. An app can be denied if:

  • The app contains broken links or buttons.
  • There are keyboard issues. The keyboard must use correct mapping and become visible when needed.
  • There are navigation issues. Users must be able to navigate through the app and return to the home screen.
  • The app crashes or closes during use.
  • The app damages the device or causes excessive battery drainage.
  • The app release has missing .cod files or does not work.
  • The vendor does not have the appropriate digital rights to distribute the application.
  • The app violates the terms or conditions of the BlackBerry World Vendor Guidelines and the BlackBerry SDK License Agreement.

Some examples of policy violations apply when the application:

  • Promotes an illegal or potentially illegal act.
  • Is obscene (contains nudity or pornographic content) or is in bad taste.
  • Violates privacy (for example, tracking apps, sex offender lookups).
  • Is a web launcher without completing appropriate digital rights.
  • Is a spam tool.
  • Is a copycat app which is not sufficiently discernable from an existing app in either look, feel, or functionality .

If your app is denied, search for the app in the vendor portal and click Move to Draft. Make the required changes to your app, releases, or digital goods and submit the app for approval again.

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