Submit your app for approval

Before you begin:
  • Add a draft of an app to the vendor portal for the BlackBerry World storefront.
  • Add a release for the app. If needed, add digital goods for the app.
  1. Log in to your BlackBerry World vendor portal account using an Admin role or a Product Submit/Modify role.
  2. In the product list, click the app that you want to submit for approval. If you don't see your product in the list, you can Search for your app.
  3. Click More, then click Send for review.
  4. Click the Automatically post my application for sale check box if you want your app available for sale immediately after approval,.
  5. Verify that the details, listings, releases, and digital goods are correct, then click Submit for Review.
After you finish:
  • BlackBerry reviews and tests the app and then sends you an email message to notify you if the app is approved or denied. If an app is approved, it is automatically posted for sale. If you opted out of having your app automatically posted, you can make it available for sale on BlackBerry World.
  • If an app is denied, search for the app in the vendor portal and click Move to Draft. Make the required changes to your app, releases, or digital goods and submit the app for approval again.

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