Safeguards for user-generated content

User-generated content is the content available in your app that is created by or provided by a user. Examples of user-generated content include media (music, videos, images, and so on), and user comments. You must have safeguards in place to protect users, especially children and minors, from user-generated content that is considered harmful or inappropriate.

When you add a release for an app that lets users add user-generated content, you must provide documentation that confirms that your app has safeguards to protect users from inappropriate content, conduct, or activity, including pornography, harassment, unwelcome contact, or fraud.

Type or paste portions of your business documents that address user-generated safeguards in the screen that appears on the vendor portal after you indicate that user-generated content is included in your app. Examples of user-generated safeguards that you can use to complete the User-generated Safeguards screen include the following:

  • A Code of Conduct that users must read and accept before using your app.
  • A Terms of Service agreement that users must read and accept before using your app.
  • Proactive monitoring of user-generated content and removal of inappropriate content from your app.
  • A process for receiving and handling reports or complaints from users about inappropriate content.
  • A policy and means to identify potentially malicious users, and disciplinary actions, including termination or suspension of the malicious users' access to your app.

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