Manage your promotion and submit it for approval

Before you begin: Add a draft of a promotion to the vendor portal for the BlackBerry World storefront.
  1. Sign in to your BlackBerry World vendor portal account using an Admin role or a Product Submit/Modify role.
  2. Click Promotions.
  3. Search for your promotion. To review your promotion before submission, click the name of your promotion.
  4. Click Menu icon and perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Edit if you need to change your promotion before submitting it for approval.
    • Click Submit for Approval if you are finished and ready to submit for BlackBerry World review and approval. The promotion is now in the Pending state. You cannot edit your promotion when it is Pending.
BlackBerry reviews the promotion and sends you an email message to notify you if the promotion is approved or denied. If your promotion is approved, it is posted to BlackBerry World according to the promotion duration that you set and is automatically turned on by the vendor portal. Your promotion expires when the redemption limit or end date is reached (whichever comes first).

Once your promotion reaches the Approved state, some details can still be edited, but might require BlackBerry review and approval.

If you want to cancel an approved promotion, change the status back to draft or change the promotion duration dates to an expired date and time.

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