About the export controls form

When you add a release for an app, you need to confirm whether your app uses cryptography or information security features, and provide the following information in the Export Controls form.

  1. Specify whether the app uses encryption or information security features for any of the following purposes:
    • Authentication, password protection, digital signature
    • Copy protection (for example, digital rights management)
    • Banking transactions (for example, online money transfers, stock trades, or bill payments)
    • Data confidentiality (for example, data exchange with HTTPS)

    Select data confidentiality if your app uses HTTPS, TLS, or SSL protocol for communication between the BlackBerry device and a server. You should also select data confidentiality if your app encrypts and stores data on the device (for example, encryption of stored e-mails, documents, or photos).

  2. Confirm whether the app calls cryptographic libraries on the BlackBerry device software to enable protocols that use cryptography (for example, HTTPS or SSL).
  3. Confirm whether the app offers cryptographic functionality in addition to the encryption functionality that is available in the BlackBerry Device Software or BlackBerry PlayBook OS.
  4. Confirm whether your application has received an import permit in France.
  5. Confirm whether you are a vendor located in the United States, or if your app was developed using technology that was created in the United States. If you meet either condition, you must provide an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). For more information, see Understanding export regulations.
  6. Confirm whether the app received a Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) number from the Bureau of Industry and Security. If the app received a CCATS number, upload the CCATS document.
  7. If your organization received an Encryption Registration Number (ERN), you must specify the number. For more information, see Understanding export regulations.

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