About the Confirmation of Digital Rights form

You must complete the Confirmation of Digital Rights form if your app uses third-party content that you don't own. By completing the form, you confirm that you have obtained all necessary permissions to use the third-party content. Fill in the form if your app:

  • Is an eBook
  • Uses news content
  • Broadcasts streams from a radio station
  • Contains rich media such as ringtones, music, images, or videos
  • Contains logos, trademarks, proprietary names, or other proprietary content
  • Contains any other content not owned directly by you

Answering the form's questions

Question 1: Content Providers

Your answer should consist of an accurate list of companies, organizations, and/or people that provided you with content for your app. If you were contracted to build the app for a client, you should disclose that fact in your answer.

Question 2 a): Rights

Your answer should describe the nature of the rights obtained from the third parties identified in Question 1. If you have not formally obtained permissions to use the content in your app, explain why you feel that you can use this content without explicitly obtaining permission.

Content found on the Internet isn't necessarily free and open for use within your application. You might need to obtain explicit permission from the content owner.

Question 2 b): Geographical Coverage

Your answer should consist of an accurate list of countries. If your rights cover all countries, state “global” or “worldwide”. If your application is an eBook, note that the publisher might impose geographical restrictions of their own.

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