About the app dashboard

The BlackBerry World vendor portal includes a product dashboard that allows you to check the status of your apps in the storefront and their sales statistics from one location in the vendor portal.

You can look at your list of apps by clicking Products in the left navigation area. Click Search or Filter to narrow the focus of the list. Click the name of an app to see its dashboard.

Screen showing an app's dashboard.
  • To set your app as the first entry in your list of products, so that it is easy to find, click Pin to top.
  • To hide your app in the BlackBerry World storefront or Submit it to BlackBerry for approval, click More.
  • To view your app's Category, Content Rating, License Type, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), Distribution rules, and Support contact information, click Details.
  • To view your app's Product Graphics (for example, screen shots and icons), Search Keywords, and multilanguage Product Descriptions, click Listings.
  • To upload new versions of your app and view the release history, click Releases.
  • To view summaries of important app statistics, click Downloads Today (as of yesterday's date), Downloads Total, Change Requests, or Bad Reviews. A bad review is any customer rating of 3 stars or less.

The sales metrics displayed on the dashboard are estimates and might not reflect current values.

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