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BlackBerry World allows you to create special non case-sensitive promotional codes that you can distribute to customers to redeem for free copies of your Paid Up For Sale apps. You can create a single vanity code that can be advertised to a broad user base, or generate unique codes that can be handed out to individual customers. You can also control the exact start and end time of your promotion and the total number of redemptions. The free apps behave the same as a paid app to your customers. For example, they can still rate the app, update to a new version, and buy digital goods.

Promotions can be applied to BlackBerry 10 apps (version 10.1.0 or later) only. They cannot be applied to BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry OS apps.

  1. Sign in to the BlackBerry World vendor portal using an Admin role or a Product Submit/Modify role.
  2. Click Promotions.
  3. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To create a promotion, click New Promo.
    • To make a copy of one of your existing promotions, click the name of the promotion in the promotion list, then click the menu icon and choose Duplicate. The vendor portal creates a duplicate of your promotion entitled "Copy of.." which you can then edit for your new promotion.
  4. In the Internal Promo Name field, type a name for your promotion. This name appears in the vendor portal only and is not visible to customers.
  5. Add a duration for your promotion. Select a calendar date and exact time (in the GMT time zone) for the beginning and end of the promotion period. When the period expires, customers can no longer redeem promotional codes.
  6. In the Promo Code Type field, perform one of the following actions:
    • To create one vanity code that many customers can redeem, select Single code. Type your vanity code in the Promo Code field. The vendor portal validates your code to make sure that other vendors haven't used it.
    • To create several unique codes that can be distributed to individual customers, select Unique code. Type the number of unique codes you want to create in the Promo Codes field (up to 50,000 can be generated per promotion), then click Generate Promo Codes. The vendor portal saves the codes in a text file that you can download and distribute to your customers. You can add additional unique promo codes at any point in the promotion's duration.
    It is not possible to edit your Promo Type selections after your promotion has progressed past the Draft state. Codes are not case-sensitive when your customers enter them at redemption time.
  7. Type the number of Redemptions Per User (in the case of a Single code), or Redemptions Per Code (in the case of a Unique code). This restricts the sharing of codes, and implements a promotion where the redeemer could choose two out of five apps, for example.
  8. Search for the names of the apps you want to use in your promotion. Your promotion can include one or more Paid Up For Sale apps. Type the total number of redemptions you want to allow in the Redemption Limit field. This value works with any other redemption values you have already entered in the Redemptions Per User and Redemptions per Code fields. Whichever limit is reached first, applies.
    Redemptions are unlimited if you leave any of the redemption fields blank. Be careful offering unlimited redemptions. Codes can be shared, leading to more redemptions than you might anticipate.
  9. Click New Listing. You can create listings in multiple languages.
  10. Drag and drop a banner image (1920x640px PNG file) onto the banner area to advertise your promotion in the BlackBerry World storefront.
    The banner is only displayed in the storefront if you have multiple apps in your promotion.
  11. Type a Description of your promotion and any required Additional text. The description is only displayed in the storefront if you have multiple apps in your promotion. Additional text is displayed for all promotions.
  12. Indicate if your promotion has any carrier, country, or device distribution restrictions. These settings cannot remove restrictions already in place for individual apps, but can further restrict apps that are included in promotions.
  13. Click Create. Visit Manage your promotion and submit it for approval to understand the next steps in the promotion creation process.

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