BlackBerry 10.2 Beta

Dev Alpha B and C Device Release Notes

BlackBerry OS version 10.2 Bundle 1445

Please be sure to create a second BlackBerry ID for your Dev Alpha device. If you use your existing BlackBerry ID, all BBM contacts could be transferred from your current BlackBerry device to your Dev Alpha device and they will be erased from your current BlackBerry device. You will NOT be able to automatically transfer your BBM contacts back to your current device at this time.

Known issues



The Browser might not automatically open after scanning a barcode.


In some cases, if you rotate the BlackBerry device from portrait to landscape while playing a full screen video, you might see a gray bar on the right side of the display.


In some cases within the browser, if you press play within the YouTube pop up, the audio for the video plays, but the video does not play.



After adding a gmail account, you might see appointments in the BlackBerry Hub but not in the Calendar app until you restart your device.



On some image thumbnails, the Set As option might not include the Wallpaper option.


377331, 311790

If you try to exit Bedside Mode by swiping up, you might not receive a prompt for your password.

Contacts app


If you view a contact card from another application and click the Add Contact button, the contact might not be added to the Contacts application.


The Contacts app might stop responding if you try to delete many contacts at the same time.


You might see an error message when trying to edit a contact to add a picture.


If you add both a BBM/BB PIN and email address for a new contact, an extra BBM address without a BlackBerry ID might appear in the contact view.

262551, 284880

In some cases, after adding a BBM contact and adding the BlackBerry PIN, you might receive a prompt to invite the existing contact to BBM.

File Manager


After selecting a picture to use for a contact, you might encounter an error message indicating that the picture was not found.


If you insert a media card that uses exFAT, you might see an error message.



Pressing the volume buttons might generate a bug report.



In some cases, if you select an alternate location from the suggested result when searching by map, only the suggested location list appears, rather than the actual address information for the query.

Near Field Communication

377399, 380460

If you tap a Browser or Phone tag, the applications might be registered twice.


An NFC tag for a PIN doesn't open BBM.



After connecting your BlackBerry device to an HDMI cable several times in a row, your device might stop responding.