BlackBerry 10.1 Device Simulator release notes

New in this release

The following features or applications have been added to this release:

  • Multiple form factors

    The BlackBerry 10 Device Simulator supports both the BlackBerry 10 all-touch device format and the BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard format.

  • Tool tips

    When you start the simulator, you can now see handy tool tip information during the start up process.

  • Improved phone call testing

    You can now use the simulator to test incoming and outgoing phone calls.

  • More core applications

    The following core applications have been added to the simulator:

    • Calculator
    • Facebook
    • File Manager
    • Games
    • Help
    • Maps
    • Pictures
    • Remember
    • Smart Tags
    • YouTube
    • Weather

Fixed in this release


When you launched your first Android application in the simulator, it would take a relatively long time for the Android application to start.


For some installations, when you launched the simulator and selected Network Connections from the Settings menu, the expected list didn't open.


When an NFC tag was presented to the simulator, the error message "No NFC applications available for tag" failed to display to acknowledge the tag.


On a Linux computer, when you opened the Controller, the background (wallpaper) was white, not the expected background.


When the simulator was installed and started in safe mode, the Runtime for Android was not functional. Android is now fully functional in the simulator.

Known issues


When you use the simulator's virtual keyboard and select 123 to launch the alternate keyboard for numbers and special characters, you are unable to insert numbers or special characters.


When the simulator is in safe mode, the web browser may become unstable or crash on certain pages.


When you launch BlackBerry World, the error message "Device is not identified to load the page, there was a connection problem. BlackBerry World must close." is displayed.

If you connect to BlackBerry ID through BlackBerry World, and then connect to BlackBerry Messenger, the simulator stays locked in a connecting state.

There are two workarounds for this issue:

  • Connect to BlackBerry Messenger before connecting to BlackBerry World.
  • While BlackBerry Messenger is locked in a connecting state, go to Settings > BlackBerry ID, and then log in to BlackBerry ID.

    Subsequent launches of BlackBerry Messenger will be successful.


If you use drag-and-drop to install a .bar file, the install procedure will sometimes fail. The related error message is sometimes displayed, even if the file does install.


Running WebGL conformance tests on the simulator fails the browser test.


The simulator fails to navigate to a webpage containing Adobe Flash content when using the BlackBerry Browser. Webpages without Flash content are loaded without error. Webpages with Flash content begin to load the page; however, the BlackBerry Browser closes without loading anything.

Missing applications or features

The following applications or features are not currently available on the simulator:
  • Voice control
  • BlackBerry Link
  • BlackBerry Protect
  • Media sharing
  • Payment options
  • Backup
  • Camera
  • Multiple processor cores in VMware Player
  • Parental controls
  • Remote log collection
  • Security wipe

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