Push Service

The benefits of push technology are huge. Just imagine displaying notifications in your app the minute an interesting event happens in the real world.

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Push Service

The Push Service is an essential component of the real-time, always-on experience of BlackBerry devices. It offers an incredibly efficient and reliable way of sending information to your users. It allows users to be alerted of new and current information right when it happens.

Note: If you are intending to push through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Device Service (part of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10), registration is not required.


Push Service SDK 1.2

The Push Service SDK provides Java APIs that the Push Initiator uses to interact with the PPG and send push messages to the push-enabled application that runs on a BlackBerry device. The Push Service SDK provides low-level and high-level APIs to handle the functionality in a push solution. Depending on your development environment and the design of the push solution, you might choose to use the low-level APIs to create PAP messages, and develop the rest of the solution on your own. Alternatively, you might want to use the high-level APIs to handle some of the more complex operations of your solution.

Changes in this release

  • Added a sample Push Initiator implemented using the low-level APIs called the Low-level Sample Push Initiator.
  • Removed the existing high-level samples with web app names of debug-portal, pushsdk, and sample-push-initiator.
    Replaced them with a single sample Push Initiator implemented using the high-level APIs called the High-level Sample Push Initiator.
  • Added support for sending pushes to BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) push-enabled applications. The BlackBerry Device Service is part of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

Please see the complete Release Notes for 1.2.