Flurry analytics service

Flurry's industry-leading analytics service is now available for BlackBerry 10 apps.

Get access to real-time data about how your apps are used. Find out about your customers; who they are, where they live, and what devices they use. You can track anything relevant to your app such as when a consumer makes a purchase, completes a level, or uses a key feature.

Flurry Analytics is a free service, and basic integration takes just minutes. The dashboard is consolidated across multiple platforms, providing convenience and control.

BlackBerry Z10

Key Benefits

  • Free. Flurry Analytics is a free service and takes just minutes for basic integration.
  • Insightful. Provides you with a deeper understanding of audience demographics, customer acquisition, user engagement and purchasing patterns.
  • Competitive advantage. Establishes performance benchmarks against your category and the overall market.
  • Industry standard. Flurry Analytics is continuously updated with the industry's most advanced features.
  • Valuable. Deepens customer insights to improve monetization and retention strategies.

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