Slate Pro Font is the preferred font for the BlackBerry 10 smartphones because it is elegant and legible, allowing users to access information quickly and easily.

BlackBerry 10 uses medium, regular, and light font weights, as well as light italic type. BlackBerry 10 uses extra, extra small to large font sizes. The extra large and extra, extra large sizes are CSS standards for font scaling.

The recommended fonts for BlackBerry 10.
Slate Pro Font medium example.

Slate Pro Font medium

Slate Pro Font regular example.

Slate Pro Font regular

Slate Pro Font light example.

Slate Pro Font light

Slate Pro Font light italic example.

Slate Pro Font light italic

Recommended Slate Pro Font sizes.

The following information shows the colors for text on bright and dark backgrounds:

Font colors with the bright theme.
Font colors with the dark theme.

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