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Built for BlackBerry

The Built for BlackBerry designation signifies to customers that your app or game delivers the signature BlackBerry 10 experience. We're thrilled to bring you a new and revitalized Built for BlackBerry Program!

See what's new:

BlackBerry Z10
  • Check out the Developer Checklist that identifies the criteria and steps to create a Built for BlackBerry App or Game
  • Language support has now expanded from 5 languages to 34 languages
  • Evolved submission process to BlackBerry Jam Zone to streamline line communication process
  • New BlackBerry World features increasing visibility for Built for BlackBerry apps, including: List View Built for BlackBerry identifier, App Details Screen Built for BlackBerry logo badge, Top Built for BlackBerry List, and Built for BlackBerry Search filter
  • Learn more about the resources available to you for designing, developing, and distributing your Built for BlackBerry app or game
  • See FAQ for more information

A broad range of apps and games can be submitted to the program. The Built for BlackBerry designation tells users that your app or game has passed an added level of evaluation and delivers the familiar seamless performance and integrated experience customers have come to love.

Stand out in the crowded app market with Built for BlackBerry. Building your business on BlackBerry is our top priority, and this designation may increase discoverability and monetization of your app or game.

Once your app has been Built for BlackBerry approved, you have permission to use the designation in association with your app marketing. It will also appear in BlackBerry World with the Built for BlackBerry logo badge and icon, increasing its visibility to the user community.


Vendors with apps or games carrying the Built for BlackBerry designation may have a higher profile to consumers in the following channels:

  • BlackBerry World
  • Social media
  • Digital media
  • Direct marketing
  • Channel marketing

Developers who have apps that have passed Built for BlackBerry testing can learn how to use the program assets by viewing the Built for BlackBerry Brand Guidelines.


There is currently no cost to participate in the Built for BlackBerry program! This only applies to app testing in the Built for BlackBerry Program.