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BlackBerry 10 Service Integration

We've broadened the Service Integration options to increase your monetization opportunities. To qualify as a Built for BlackBerry application, your app must seamlessly integrate at least one of the following services. Check out BlackBerry Developer documentation for detailed information about building for BlackBerry Services:

*Games are now required to have a Service Integration.

Payment Service

The Payment Service enables you to leverage a range of business models through the sale of digital goods within your applications. The Payment Service is flexible, and enables you to implement a variety of subscription and renewal options in your apps. For example, you can offer auto-renewing subscriptions, free renewals for a specified period of time, or reduced-rate renewals.

Learn more about the Payment Service
BBM Social Platform

Developers can use a variety of APIs to give their apps read to BBM contact lists, user profiles, while enabling users of their apps to chat and share files such as pictures, voice notes, videos and music .

Learn more about the BBM Social Platform
Advertising Service

The Advertising Service can simplify your path to in-app ad revenue.

Learn more about the Advertising Service
Locate Service

Help provide customers with the ability to receive location information rapidly-even in the absence of a GPS signal in buildings-while also minimizing battery usage when compared to GPS.

Learn more about the Locate Service
Maps Service

Orient users to their surroundings, highlight points of interest and add additional features to apps that leverage Locate Service features.

Learn more about the Maps Service
Push Service

The Push Service offers an incredibly efficient and reliable way of sending information to your users. It also allows your application to process information in the background and alert users.

Make sure not to flood the notification system with application messages; only utilize the notification system to show messages that are critical/crucial to the end user.

Learn more about the Push Service
For the purpose of the Built for BlackBerry program, the following will also be accepted as a BlackBerry Service requirement:
Invocation Framework

The Invocation Framework enables one application to request another to perform a specific task which streamlines the communication between the apps and provides a consistently smooth and jitter-free user experience.

Learn more about the Invocation Framework

NFC is a key element in something referred to as contact-less card technology which allows small devices such as smart cards to interact with other devices merely by being moved into sufficiently close proximity with the other device.

Learn more about NFC
Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Bluetooth SMART, also known as Bluetooth low energy, is a low cost, low power consumption protocol that is typically used for integrating with accessories and peripherals.

Learn more about Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Now Playing (Native only)

By integrating with the Now Playing dialog, you can supply both the metadata and icon of your currently playing media to BlackBerry 10's built-in overlay that is displayed whenever the user uses the physical media keys on the device. In addition to information about the currently playing media, this overlay also includes volume settings and multimedia controls such as play and pause.

Learn more about Now Playing
Game Pad (Native games only)

GamePad support turns your BlackBerry 10 smartphone into a gaming console by connecting a Bluetooth gamepad to it, and allowing you to play games with your favourite controller!

Learn more about GamePad
Multiplayer (enabled via WAN or Bluetooth) (Games only)

Enhance your BlackBerry 10 gaming experience with multiplayer support, over Bluetooth or WiFi, and bring your game to life.