Managing your apps

Search for your apps on the vendor portal

After you save a draft of a new product, you can locate it to review the details you entered, make any supported changes, and to note any change in the status of your product.
  1. Log in to your BlackBerry World vendor portal account using an Admin role or Product Submit/Modify role.
  2. In the Product Name Search field, type the name of the product.
  3. Click Search.
After you finish: To view the list of all of your products again, clear the search field and click Search, or in the left pane, click Manage Products.

Change the content for your app

You can change information associated with your app by searching for your app on the vendor portal, and then using the edit icon to display entered content. You can click other icons to add a release, add a digital good, check app reviews, and apply to the Built for BlackBerry program.

After you add a release for an app, you cannot change the license type, regardless of the status of the release or the product. To change the license type of an approved product, you must either make the product unavailable on BlackBerry World and submit it again as a new product with a different license type, or you can complete the BlackBerry World vendor support form to request a license change.

Changes to the price of a product might take up to 24 hours to display on BlackBerry World. Frequent price changes might cause issues for users and wireless service providers. It is a best practice to avoid frequent price changes.

If you change information that requires approval from BlackBerry, the vendor portal submits a change request ticket.

Apply to the Built for BlackBerry program

The Built for BlackBerry program is designed to help vendors increase the marketing potential of their BlackBerry 10 apps.

If your app is designed for the BlackBerry 10 platform, you'll see a link to apply under the Built for BlackBerry column after your your app is approved for sale on BlackBerry World.

After you click Apply to submit your app for the program, follow the instructions that display.

If you modify your app in any way after you apply to the Built for BlackBerry program (for example, if you replace a screen shot or change a description), your submission to the Built for BlackBerry program will be cancelled. You will have to re-submit your app to the progam.

Make apps available or unavailable on BlackBerry World

BlackBerry must approve your app before you can make it available on the BlackBerry World storefront.

  1. Log in to your BlackBerry World vendor portal account using an Admin role or a Product Submit/Modify role, and click Manage Products.

  2. Search for your app. In the Products column, perform one of the following actions:

    • To make the app available on BlackBerry World, click Post for sale.

    • To make an app unavailable BlackBerry World, click Remove from Sale. You can make the product available again later.

Duplicate apps are not permitted on BlackBerry World. Each app available for sale must have a unique name.

When you make an app available or unavailable, it can take 6 hours for changes to be reflected in BlackBerry World.

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