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BlackBerry Theme Builder features

You can use the BlackBerry Theme Builder  to design unique looks for all screens on the  BlackBerry device by changing items such as the banner icons, fonts, backgrounds, and buttons.

Feature Description
Customizable banners

You can use this feature to customize banners. You can create full-screen banners and hide individual banner items. You can position, size, and add new banner icons.

Customizable backgrounds for the Home screen

You can change the background of the Home screen. Depending on the theme layout type, the following screens can have a different background:

  • Application list screen

  • Lock screen

  • Incoming Call screen

  • Active Call screen

Customizable Application list

You can change the icon and the icon with focus for each application on the device.

You can add links to webpages from the Application list screen. When aBlackBerry device user clicks the application icon, the webpage opens.

Customizable menus, buttons, title bars, lists, and search fields

You can change the appearance of the UI controls that display on the device, including the following:

  • Font, background, and color of menu items

  • Font, background, and icons for dialog boxes and butons

  • Font and background of the title bar

  • Font and color of lists

  • Font, background, and color of the search field

Customizable Message list

You can change the font, background, and icons for messages. You can also change the color of messages that are sent with high priority.

Customizable phone screens

You can change font color, icons, and buttons for the Phone Hotlist.

Customizable Lock screen

You can change the font, background, and image for the lock icon on the Lock screen. You can also add an animation to the screen, move items around on the screen, and layer the Lock screen over the banner.

Customizable indicators for global items

You can customize the following indicators that can appear on all device screens:

  • Icons for wireless coverage

  • Navigation arrows

  • Progress bars

  • Hourglass icon

Animation for screens

You can add an animation to the Home screen and Lock screen using .svg files.

Screen transitions

You can add screen transitions such as zooms, slides, wipes, and fades.

Catalogs for images and colors

You can save images and colors that you can use again in any theme.

Customizable cursor navigation

You can specify the order that the cursor moves from item to item on the Home screen in custom theme layouts.

Quickstart screen

You can open a recent theme that you worked on or another saved theme, create a new theme, or access learning resources and the BlackBerry Theme Builder community. The Quickstart screen also indicates when a new version of the BlackBerry Theme Builder is available for you to download.

Theme management

You can install or preview themes directly on a device. You can also remove themes from the device using the BlackBerry Theme Builder.

Integration with the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator

You can see how your theme appears on a specific device model before you distribute the theme.

Adobe Photoshop file compatibility

You can import Adobe Photoshop .psd files directly into the BlackBerry Theme Builder.