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BlackBerry Composer features

You can use the BlackBerry Composer to create multimedia content that you can use in the BlackBerry Theme Builder to create and update themes for the BlackBerry device.

Feature Description
Multimedia and dynamic content creation

You can use this feature to create content using vector graphics, animation, and sound. You can use this content in webpages or web portals or in the BlackBerry Theme Builder.

Adobe Flash support

You can use this feature to import .swf files into the BlackBerry Composer. Composer can convert .swf files to .svg format. You can use the .svg file in the BlackBerry Theme Builder to add animation to the Home screen, or Lock screen.

Theme buttons in the BlackBerry Composer

You can use this feature to create buttons that launch applications. You can use the buttons in the BlackBerry Theme Builder.

Catalogs for custom objects, colors, and patterns

You can use this feature to save images and colors that you can use again in any BlackBerry Composer file.

Support for SVG Tiny 1.1

You can use this feature to create SVG Tiny 1.1 files.

Previews and tests of content on a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator

You can use this feature to see how your content appears on a specific BlackBerry device model.