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Samples and Tutorials

Here, you can find sample applications and tutorials that can inspire you to create compelling BlackBerry Java applications.

We've listed a few samples and code which we think you'll find helpful. You can find additional samples in the BlackBerry development open source project on github here and here.

Create beautiful apps

Advanced UI Samples

A collection of sample code to help you create beautiful apps. The code and strategies were created by our engineers; in fact, some of this code is actually used in our Facebook and Twitter apps! Additional information on advanced UI and navigation principles can be found here

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New in BlackBerry 7.0


Near Field Communications was introduced with BlackBerry 7.0, allowing you to create exciting apps with this new technology! This sample demonstrates how to emulate and read virtual tags.

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Tap and send with

NFC Peer-to-Peer

Tap. Send. The technology behind BlackBerry Tag, NFC P2P allows users to tap two NFC enabled devices together and transfer data. Whether your app transfers photos, or you'd like to initiate a game session, NFC P2P lets your app do that in a fun new way!.

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3D graphics with

OpenGL 2.0

If you're creating a game or need 3D graphics, check out the OpenGL 2.0 sample. Available on BlackBerry 7.0 and later, OpenGL 2.0 allows you to create rich graphics and environments within your BlackBerry Java apps.

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BlackBerry Platform Services

Analytics SDK

View a complete Have you ever wondered your app is used? BlackBerry Analytics lets you know. Check out the sample to see how to implement BlackBerry analytics into your app, and read more about the service here.

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Location made easy with the

Simple Location API

This sample will help you simplify location retrieval on BlackBerry OS 5.0+.

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Integrate with the

Message List

Increase visibility of your app, and increase user engagement by integrating your application's notifications into the core Messages app.

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SDK Samples

A collection of the Java samples distributed with the BlackBerry SDK and BlackBerry JDE. Contribute back to share your improvements!

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Java Samples

A collection of samples and code snippets not packaged with the SDK that you may find useful.

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