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BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse

The BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse allows developers to develop, test and debug a BlackBerry Java application using the Eclipse IDE.

The plug-in allows developers to download additional BlackBerry SDKs through an Eclipse update site. This allows developers to develop against multiple BlackBerry Java OS codelines within a single development environment.

Developers with an existing Eclipse environment

If you have an existing Eclipse environment, you may download and install the BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse and the BlackBerry SDKs of your choice by adding the BlackBerry update site.

Adding the BlackBerry Update site in Eclipse (Mac)

For Windows? | System Requirements

Developers without an existing Eclipse environment

BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse For Mac OS X (411 MB) 7.1 SDK

For Windows? | System Requirements

Don't have an existing Eclipse environment? No problem, you can download the full installer below, which includes Eclipse 3.7, BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse 2.0.0 and the BlackBerry 7.1 SDK conveniently packaged in a single installer. Please note that BlackBerry simulators are currently not available for Mac OS. To test your application, you will need to test on a physical BlackBerry smartphone tethered to your computer and debug files that match the BlackBerry smartphone OS. Download debug files for Mac-based development tools here.

How to get up and running

Installing additional BlackBerry SDK versions

After you have the BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse installed you can add additional BlackBerry SDK versions through the update site. Each additional SDK version will allow you to develop against the respective BlackBerry OS version within your existing Eclipse environment.

It is important that you develop using the version of the BlackBerry SDK which ensures that your application is compatible with your intended target market. Applications built against a particular version are forward-compatible with newer BlackBerry Java OS versions, but they are not backward-compatible with older versions.

For example, an application built in BlackBerry JDE 6.0 runs on a BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 and later. It does not run on a BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 and prior. Thus, when building applications, you should use a BlackBerry JDE version that matches the lowest version of BlackBerry Device Software you want to support.

Newer versions of the JDE provide additional APIs and features. The APIs and features which were introduced with each BlackBerry Java OS version are described here.

How to install additional BlackBerry SDK versions