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Device characteristics and BlackBerry infrastructure category

The packages in this category include classes that let you query for details about the hardware and other characteristics of a BlackBerry smartphone.

Device characteristics

There are some general mechanisms you can use to query information about a smartphone.

You can use System.getProperty() to get information about many smartphone characteristics, including whether the device supports audio mixing and what time zone is currently set on the device.

Beginning with BlackBerry Java SDK 6.0, you can use the DeviceCapability class to query information about a smartphone. The class indicates whether covered capabilites are supported, allowed, or available.

The following classes, mostly in the net.rim.device.api.system package, provide methods to obtain information about a device:

BlackBerry infrastructure

BlackBerry infrastructure includes the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (including IT policies and application control policies) and the BlackBerry Internet Service. In the BlackBerry Java SDK, infrastructure includes the following packages:

  • Push Service: net.rim.blackberry.api.push provides an efficient and reliable way of sending information to your users, as well as a way to let your application process information in the background and notify users when their attention is required.

  • Service book: net.rim.device.api.servicebook allows your application to interact with the service book. For example, you can use a service record to keep of multiple email connections or to search for individual emails within an email hierarchy based on the email item's content ID.

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