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CLDC platform and utilities APIs

The CLDC platform and utilities APIs provide core language functionality for your applications. The packages are:

  • CLDC 1.1 core packages
  • J2ME web server packages
  • RIM packages that are extensions to CLDC and J2ME

CLDC 1.1 core packages

These packages are part of JSR 139, Connected Limited Device Configuration version 1.1. These packages provide the core set of APIs for developing applications on resource-constrained wireless devices, such as BlackBerry smartphones.

  • java.lang provides the core Java classes
  • java.lang.ref provides support for weak references (references that do not protect objects from garbage collection)
  • java.util provides the standard collection classes (Hashtable, Stack, and Vector) and date/time support

J2ME Web Services packages

These packages are part of JSR 172, the J2ME Web Services Specification. These packages provide basic support for Java ME devices, such as a BlackBerry smartphone, to act as a web service client using standard programming interfaces.

RIM extension packages

RIM provides APIs that complement Java Community Process APIs.

For example, you can use RIM provided collection classes, such as BigVector or UnsortedReadableList, instead of the standard Vector class.

In some cases, RIM provides classes that exist in Java SE but are not provided (or only partially provided) in standard Java ME. For example:

The RIM-provided packages in the CLDC Platform and Utilities category are:

More information about the CLDC category and utilities