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The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator takes a long time to start

Possible cause

After the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator starts, it loads the BlackBerry Java Virtual Machine and the .cod files. If the previous BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator ended unexpectedly or if you have never run this version of the simulator on your computer before, the simulator must also link the files of the simulated file system together.

Possible solution

Try one of the following:
  • Avoid recreating and linking the file system. If possible, do not delete any *.dmp files in the folder that contains the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.
  • Avoid restarting the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator. Instead of restarting to load a .cod file, load a .cod file while the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator runs. On the File menu, click Load BlackBerry Application or Theme.

I have a JVM error 543

Possible cause

The file system is from a previous instance of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

Possible solution

Try one of the following:
  • On the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator, on the File menu, click Reset.
  • At the command prompt, add the /reset-filesystem option to the command.
  • Delete the *.dmp files.

Files for the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator

The following files are in the installation folder of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator. By default, the location of the installation folder is Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators 6.x.x\6.n.n.nnn (<model_number>).




For each application, specifies how it should be deployed on the BlackBerry device


Specifies the batch file to start the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator


Specifies dump files, the simulated file system and, if it exists, the media card


Specifies debugging versions of the files


Specifies the batch file to clean up the simulator folder





Specifies the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator application and supporting files


Specifies the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator user help file



Specifies the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator controller tool and associated dynamic library, for using the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator with scripts


Specifies the batch file to update the the IDE.jar file of the BlackBerry Java Development Environment with newer BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator options


Specifies the master list of files, used when cleaning the directory


Specifies the application .cod files

The location of user settings

Your operating system specifies the default save location for the .conf files that contain the settings you apply to the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator. For all operating systems, if the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator cannot save information to the specified folder (%PROFILE%\net\rim\fledge-2), your settings will be stored in a temporary folder.

Operating system


Windows XP and Windows Vista

C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\net\rim\fledge-2

Windows 7