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Testing smart card drivers

Set up the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator to test a cryptographic smart card driver

To test a cryptographic smart card driver with the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator, you require the Casira End Point. You do not require the Casira Bluetooth hardware and software development system.

On the taskbar, click Start > Programs > Research In Motion > BlackBerry JDE 5.0.0 > JDE.

On the main menu, click Edit > Preferences.

Click the Simulator tab.

Click the Ports tab.

In the Bluetooth test board port field, type the port information.

Click OK.

Test signing and decrypting of S/MIME email messages

On the BlackBerry smartphone, click Options > Security Options > Certificates.

Click Import Smart Card Certs.

If required, type your PIN.

Select the certificate you want to import from the smart card.

Type the smart card password.

Specify S/MIME to sign and decrypt email messages.

Set up to test signing and decrypting S/MIME email messages

The following steps require a BlackBerry Smart Card Reader.

Install the S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry smartphones. See the Security Technical Overview - S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry smartphones for more information about installing the S/MIME Support package for BlackBerry smartphones on your computer or a BlackBerry smartphone.

Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer.

At a command prompt, switch to the BlackBerry Java Development Environment bin folder.

Type the following command:

javaloader [-usb] [-wpassword] load <file>
  • password: If a password is set, the password for the BlackBerry smartphone
  • file: The .cod file that the cryptographic smart card driver downloads to the BlackBerry smartphone

Test two-factor authentication

On the BlackBerry smartphone, click Options > Security Options > General Settings.

Verify that your smart card is inserted in the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader.

Change the User Authenticator Password field to Enabled.

Click Save.

When prompted, type the smart card password.

Click Enter.