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Push Service SDK

You can use the Push Service SDK to develop a push solution that uses the push technology of the BlackBerry Application Platform. A push solution includes a Push Initiator on a server and a push-enabled application on a BlackBerry device.

With push technology, the Push Initiator doesn't need to wait for a request from the push-enabled application to deliver content. The Push Initiator can deliver up to 8 KB of content (images, text, or audio) to many devices at once through the BlackBerry Internet Service, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the BlackBerry Device Service, or through all three simultaneously. For more information about the Push Service SDK, visit Push Service.

Using the SDK with the BlackBerry Internet Service

To use the Push Service SDK with the BlackBerry Internet Service, you must register with Research In Motion. For more information about registering, visit Push Service. If you're using the Push Service SDK with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or the BlackBerry Device Service, you don't need to register with RIM.