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Signing your application

Before you can distribute your app for use on a BlackBerry device, you must sign the app.

Why is signing needed?

Each app must be signed to allow RIM to validate the application's capabilities and issue unique identifiers for it.

How do I get code signing keys?

All you need to do is fill out a web form here: Request keys. Make sure you remember the PIN that you choose in the web form.

There is no cost for requesting code signing keys. Three keys will be sent to you in three separate emails, and you need all three.

How do I install keys?

To install keys, you need the PIN you specified when you ordered the keys.

All three code signing keys that you receive in one order must be installed on the same PC, and they must all have the same password.

  1. Save all three .csi files into the same directory.
  2. Start Eclipse.
  3. In Eclipse, open Window > Preferences.
  4. In the left navigation bar, expand the BlackBerry Java Plug-in and select Signature Tool.
  5. In the main pane, click Install new Keys.
  6. Browse to the directory where you stored the .csi files. Select one of the .csi files and click Open.
  7. Click Yes to create a new key pair file.
  8. Type a password for your private key of at least 8 characters, and type it again to confirm. This is your private key password, which protects your private key.You will be prompted for this password each time you install a key or sign an app.
  9. Move your mouse to generate a date for a new private key.
  10. In the Registration PIN field, enter the PIN that you supplied when you applied for the keys.
  11. In the Private Key password field, type the password created in step 8.
  12. Click Register and then click Exit.
  13. Repeat this process for the other csi files, using the same password.

How do I sign my application?

  1. In Eclipse, in the Package Explorer pane, right-click your project.
  2. Click BlackBerry > Sign with Signature Tool.
  3. Enter the password you set when installing your keys.

    If you enter the wrong password five times, your keys will be deactivated.

More information

For more information on BlackBerry controlled APIs and signing of applications, see the BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool.

If you are having difficulty installing or registering your signature keys, see the Signature Key and Code signing section of the Developer Knowledge Base.

If you continue to experience issues, you can get help using the Code signing self-help form.

For more information about code signing, controlled APIs and signature keys, see Controlled APIs and Code Signing.