Sample Apps for BlackBerry OS 7

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Alice.js - Is a micro JavaScript library focused on using hardware-accelerated capabilities in modern browsers for generating high-quality, high-end visual effects.

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Remote File Access

Config.xml White List

Learn how to avoid some development pitfalls when creating an HTML5 application using WebWorks.

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Avoiding Recompiles

Quick Refreshes

Learn how to set up your development environment to avoid having to recompile your app after making a code change.

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3D Graphics

WebGL Samples

Check out the WebGL samples for PlayBook 2.0 which are packaged as HTML5 apps using BlackBerry WebWorks. One included sample is Tunnel Tilt which is a fully functioning WebGL game complete with lighting effects and sound.

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HTML5 Canvas

Learn how to use the HTML5 Canvas element, through code snippets, within the SketchPad application.

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Weather Application

Database & Geolocation

View a complete WebWorks enabled HTML5 sample application with full source to the UI, application logic and JavaScript extensions used.

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Monetize Content

This sample demonstrates how to use the WebWorks enabled BlackBerry Payment Service in an HTML5 application.

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Using the Trackpad

Find out how to use the navigation mode feature so your app will look and behave like a native application on a BlackBerry smartphone with a trackpad.

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