What is the BBM pre-production environment?

The BlackBerry Messenger pre-production environment is a dedicated cluster of BBM services that provides all of the functionality of the BBM Social Platform. The pre-production environment is ideal for building internal, alpha and beta versions of your BBM connected app. It provides you with an opportunity to test your app's features and functionality on activated BlackBerry smartphones with a small beta community before you release it through the BlackBerry World storefront.

If your app, or app version, does not already exist in BlackBerry World, it is automatically placed in the pre-production environment. The UUID that you provide acts as a unique identifier for your app that facilitates monitoring for any adverse or unintended events (such as burstiness) in the traffic that is associated with your app. Since the pre-production environment is intended for testing, while restricting traffic from your app in the production environment, the following limitations apply:

  • Each app is limited to 100 active instances.
  • An app expires after 180 days. Once expired, your app no longer has access to the BBM platform services in the pre-production environment.
  • An app in pre-production can communicate (for example, share content or send join invitations) only with other users who are running the same app or app version. This means that users who are testing the app cannot communicate with users who are running any version of that app if it has been submitted to or is available in BlackBerry World.

Last modified: 2013-08-14