rim:navigation element


<rim:navigation mode="focus" />


The <rim:navigation> element specifies the behavior for navigation within the BlackBerry WebWorks app. This element is optional.

If you specify this element, you must also allow permission to blackberry.dialog.ui using the <feature> element. Permission for the blackberry.dialog.ui is required for use of standard system dialog boxes. For more information on the functions this API provides, see blackberry.ui.dialog in the API Reference.

For more information about navigation mode, see Focus-based navigation on non-touch devices.

Parent elements


Child elements



Zero or one


You can specify the following attributes for this element:

Attribute Description

The mode attribute specifies the navigation mode that the BlackBerry WebWorks app uses.

The only value that you can use for this attribute is focus. When you use this attribute, elements within the app are focusable using a trackpad or trackball.

Example: Specifying navigation mode

<rim:navigation mode="focus" />
<feature id="blackberry.ui.dialog" />

Last modified: 2013-10-02