Load an unsigned app

To simplify the loading process, use the batchbar-deploy tool. This tool allows you to load multiple BAR files onto a device at one time. You'll find the batchbar-deploy tool in the bin subfolder where you installed the BlackBerry SDK for Android apps.

Note that you can use batchbar-deploy to deploy a maximum of 10 unsigned applications. However, there is no limit on deploying signed applications.

Before you begin:
  • Make sure that your device is connected to your computer and is in development mode. Also make sure that you have the PIN of your device. You can locate the PIN by tapping Settings > About, and then selecting Hardware from the drop-down list.
  • Ensure that you have 500 MB (or more) of free RAM on your BlackBerry 10 device before you load your application.
  1. Save all files that you want to deploy in the same directory. The batchbar-deploy tool does not look for files in subdirectories.
  2. On the command line, navigate to the bin subfolder where you installed the SDK.
  3. Run the APK2BAR tool using the following syntax:
    apk2bar <apk file> <path> -a "<company name>" -d <Debug token BAR> 

    The arguments in this syntax are described in the table below.



    <apk file>

    Specifies the APK file for the application you want to package.


    Specifies the path to the Android SDK installed on your computer.

    <company name>

    Specifies your BlackBerry 10 device password.

    debug token BAR

    Specifies your debug token BAR file name.

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