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Create a BlackBerry ID token

A BlackBerry ID token is required to test your app on a BlackBerry 10 device, and to publish your app to the BlackBerry World storefront.

To create a BlackBerry ID token:

  1. Log in to the BlackBerry ID portal.
  2. Type and confirm the password you want to use for your BlackBerry ID token.
  3. Click Get Token.

    If you forget this password, it cannot be retrieved or reset it for you. You must create a BlackBerry ID token.

  4. Download and save the BlackBerry ID keystore file.

    The BlackBerry ID token has been saved in your Downloads folder, in a file called bbidtoken.csk.

The BlackBerry ID token is included in the keystore file you downloaded. The BlackBerry Signing Authority service uses this token for authentication. Additionally, your app must be signed using a developer certificate, which is created independently. Signing your app adds cryptographic hash values to its package, which helps to verify its integrity and authenticity to other users, and to the BlackBerry 10 OS.

You can also use the BlackBerry ID token to generate a debug token, which is required to test your apps on a BlackBerry 10 device.

You can use the command-line tools to link your BlackBerry ID account to your signing authority account.

Your BlackBerry ID token is valid for a specific amount of time. When it expires, you must create a new one.

Link a BlackBerry ID to a signing authority account

You can use the command-line tools to link a signing authority account to your BlackBerry ID. Linking a signing authority to your BlackBerry ID allows you to produce .bar files with the same Package-Author-Id, Package-Id, and Application-Id. Keeping the original values for these attributes allows you to create updates, or upgraded versions of your existing app on BlackBerry World.

You have a three options when using the command-line tools to link your BlackBerry ID (bbidtoken.csk file) to a signing authority (barsigner.csk file).

You can link your current barsigner.csk to the bbidtoken.csk:

  • Option 1: Where both passwords are same:
    blackberry-signer -linkcsk –cskpass <Legacy CSK password or BBID Token CSK password>
  • Option 2: Where bbidtoken.csk is in a custom location, and both passwords are the same:
    blackberry-signer -linkcsk –bbidtoken <BBID Token CSK filename> –cskpass <Legacy CSK password or BBID Token CSK password>
  • Option 3: When both files are in the default directory:
    blackberry-signer -linkcsk –oldcskpass <Legacy CSK password> 
    –bbidcskpass <BBID Token CSK password>

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