Creating sliders

When your application requires a user to select a value from a particular range, you can use a slider (for example, you want the user to set the application's volume). The user can drag the slider from left to right, where the smallest value is to the left and the largest is to the right.

There are three variants of slider available to you through the qnx.fuse.ui.slider package.

Class Image Description
Slider A basic slider with minimum and maximum bounds.
MediaSlider A slider with minimum and maximum bounds that contains a value property as well as a cachedValue property that fills a percentage of the bar to indicate a value such as loading progress.
VolumeSlider A slider with minimum and maximum bounds that can be set to implement an audioBoostEnabled property that allows a secondary maxUnboostedAudioLevel property. This slider does not directly change the device volume, it is simply an interface.