Create a debug token in FDT

You can use the BlackBerry deployment setup wizard in FDT to create, set up and install debug tokens automatically. For more information, see Configure your development environment using FDT .

Create a debug token manually

  1. On the Window menu, click Preferences.
  2. On the Preferences screen, in the preferences list, expand FDT > Mobile > BlackBerry.
  3. Click Signing.
  4. If you did not configure your computer for signing applications, you must register your BlackBerry ID with the BlackBerry Signing Authority. If you have already configured your computer for application signing, go to step 6.
    1. In the Obtain BlackBerry ID token for signing section, enter a Store password, and click Obtain token.Screenshot of Preferences Screen focusing on Obtaining the BlackBerry ID token for signing.
    2. Sign in with your BlackBerry ID. If you do not have a BlackBerry ID, create a new one. You may have to accept a security warning.
    3. Click OK.
  5. Create a developer certificate by completing the following steps:
    1. In the Developer Certificate section, click Create certificate.
    2. On the Create Developer Certificate screen, in the Certificate Path field, provide a location where you want to store your developer certificate.
    3. In the Author field, type your company name. Check that this value matches the author element in your bar-descriptor.xml file.
    4. In the Keystore Password field, provide a password.
    5. In the Confirm Keystore Password field, repeat the password that you provided in the previous step.
    6. Click OK.


  6. In the Debug Tokens section, click Create.

    Screenshot of debug token summary

  7. On the Create Debug Token screen, in the Location field, enter the location and file name of the debug token you want to create. The debug token file must have a .bar extension. If you specify the name of an existing file, that file is deleted before your debug token is created.
  8. In the Device PINs section, click Add.

    Screenshot of create debug token screens.

  9. On the Add Devices screen, in the Device PINs field, provide a comma-delimited list that includes the PIN for each tablet that you want to install this debug token on. Click OK.

    Screenshot of add devices screen

  10. On the Create Debug Token screen, click OK.

On the Preferences screen, in the Debug Tokens section, you should see the token you created. You can distribute or install the debug token you created.