3.1.1-BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR

Release: BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR 3.1.1 Gold.

New APIs


Added a new event (net.rim.blackberry.events.PushServiceConnectionReadyEvent) and a new error code (net.rim.blackberry.events.PushServiceErrorEvent.PUSH_SERVICE_CONNECTION_CLOSED). This event notifies you when the Push Service connection is down and then re-established after being lost.

A new push permission error code (net.rim.blackberry.events.PushServiceErrorEvent.PUSH_SERVICE_CONNECTION_PERMISSION_ERROR) was also added.


Added a new property, ThemeGlobals.useOLED. Setting this to TRUE will ensure that OLED graphics are used when running on a OLED device. Please see documentation for more details.


When a password field is shown in plain text during screen sharing, screen sharing will pause.

Fixed issues


Fixed issue where touch functionality is blocked by an app when a context menu or action overflow menu is open and ActionBar.destroy() is called.


Fixed issue where the context menus dispatched two events when the DeleteAction was selected.


Fixed issue where setting ToggleSwitch.id caused unexpected styling of labels in the control.


Updated UX for fine cursor control on input fields.


Updated UX for disabled context menu items.


Fixed component clean up for EditableText. A runtime error was thrown if focus was removed from EditableText after destroy is called.


Corrected issue where a disabled slider appeared off the track when to the far left or right.


Updated UX for the action bar tool tips on BlackBerry Q10 devices.


Updated the color of the caret for text input.


Fixed issue where using KeyboardType.SYMBOL would not show the symbol keyboard.


Updated ActionBar height on BlackBerry Q10 devices. It is now 101px.


Fixed issue where action bar or title bar height is NaN when no opened windows are available. This issue occurred when mobile profiles are used locally and the runtime could not detect open windows. As a result super.height is used to determine the height of the Actionbar and TitleBar.


Fixed issue where action bar back button continued to listen for drag events after a touch release.


Updated Action Bar back button postioning. If tabsTakePriority=true and actionPlacement is set to onBar the back button centers on the action. Previously the back button would be centered over the on Bar action space.


Fixed masked password rendering issue that occurred when inputting with a Thai keyboard.


Fixed text measurement issue when Label.virtualLayout=true.


Fixed issue where text input prompt animates in and out when text is entered.


Updated cursor width on BlackBerry Z10 devices.


Fixed issue where the first selection handle renders on the second character. This occurred in a text input field when composing text was selected, the first selection point would get set to be before the next element.


Fixed issue where a shift and tap on BlackBerry Q10 devices would select text even if selectable=false.


Fixed runtime error caused by deleting a misspelled word.


Updated the positioning of actions on the action bar for BlackBerry Q10 devices.


Fixed issue in QNXApplication. QNXApplication would not dispatch SWIPE_DOWN and SWIPE_START events when a crosscut or tab overflow menu was open.


Fixed issue in ProgressBar. A progress bar would not fully appear, when progress value is set to 1 immediately after a ProgressBar is created and resized.


Updated text selection handles to point in the correct direction when right to left text is selected.


Updated ShortcutGroup API documentation.


Fixed issue with multi-touch selection on text. Inputting text could cause text to be inserted in the wrong spot.


Fixed text alignment in ToggleSwitch.


Fixed issue caused when selecting an item in a DropDown with the enter key caused the background to remain on the screen when closed.


Updated documentation for MediaPlayer methods getMaxOutputLevel and getOutputLevel.


Fixed issued in the Context menu does not appear immediately after a shit and tap when selecting text.

Known issues

The BlackBerry AIR Project in the Adobe Flash Builder sample project does not build.

Workaround: Manually add the QNX platform-specific ANEs to the project using the project properties.


Context menu does not refresh actions unless there is at least one action in it. As a result, you can not show just a Delete Action after selecting multi-select.

Workaround: none


In Adobe Flash Builder 4.7, Export Release creates a broken SWF file when using the Fuse UI components.

Workaround: Configure Flash Builder to use the sdks/4.6.0 legacy compiler. For more information on configuring the legacy compiler, see Adobe AIR 3.1 legacy compiler workaround.


The notifications area of the Hub constantly flashes the red LED when a notification such as entering Development Mode is sent.

Workaround: Wait until the blinking times out after 10-15 minutes, or turn the LED off in device Settings.


On a 64-bit Windows machine, the SDK installer points to C:\Program Files (x86). Projects created in previous versions of the SDK point to C:\Program Files. This could cause projects to import incorrect versions of the ANE files.

Workaround: Remove ANE files, and re-import them using the new SDK.


Flash Builder displays an error messages when the Adobe AIR SDK is not version 3.4 even though the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR supports version 2.6 and higher.


After installing the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR, the SDK is not recognized on a Windows 7 32-bit computer.

Workaround: Launch Flash Builder with Administrative permissions. 


Setting application permissions using Flash Builder and FDT is out of date.

Workaround: Manually set application permissions in the bar-descriptor.xml file.