AIR native extensions

An AIR native extension (ANE) is a combination of Adobe ActionScript and the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK that allows you to extend the capabilities of the Adobe AIR runtime into an area that the core runtime doesn't cover, such as device-specific features. Because AIR applications run in a protected environment (sandbox), these applications don't have full access to the resources on a BlackBerry device . The AIR native extension interface acts as a bridge that allows native code to run, while still maintaining the AIR security model.

For more information about ANEs, see Developing ActionScript Extensions for Adobe AIR available on the Adobe website.

The BlackBerry 10 SDK includes several built in ANEs. They include:

ANE Description
QNXDevice.ane The QNXDevice ANE provides access to device functionality. For more information on using the system API, see qnx.system.
QNXNetwork.ane The QNXNetwork ANE provides access to device network features and tools. For more information on using the network API, see
QNXSensors.ane The QNXSensors ANE provides access to device sensors, such as the gyroscope and magnetometer. For more information on using the sensors API, see qnx.sensors.
QNXSkins.ane The QNXSkins ANE provides access to native skinning and appearance features of the native SDK.

This ANE is required to use any of the qnx.fuse.ui components.

Add an ANE to your application

In order to take advantage of the features offered by the ANEs, you must add them to your application.

Create a custom ANE

If there are features of the native environment that you would like to add to your application, but are not available in the ANE listed above, you can create your own ANE. For more information on creating an ANE and adding it to your application, see: