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qnx.fuse.ui.text Summary



The qnx.fuse.ui.text package provides the ability to display text. This includes basic labels and text input fields.


 AutoCapitalize Provides constants to be used with the autoCapitalize property of input text components.
 Cursor The cursor object represents the location of a cursor in a text component.
 EditableText The EditableText class provides functionality to input text.
 Emoticon The Emoticon class specifies what String and graphic to use as an emoticon.
 Emoticons Provides vector versions of the system emoticons.
 KeyboardType The KeyboardType class contains constants that define the layout of the keyboard that appears when the user clicks in a textInput component.
 Label The Label class displays formatted text.
 ReturnKeyType The ReturnKeyType class contains constants that define the Enter key that will appear on the keyboard when the user clicks in a TextInput component.
 SystemEmoticons The SystemEmoticons class provides a list of string constants for all supported emoticons.
 TextAlign The TextAlign class contains constants that can be used to align text.
 TextArea The TextArea class provides developers with a multi-line input component.
 TextBase The TextBase class provides base functionality for rendering and selecting text.
 TextFormat The TextFormat object applies text formatting to the TextField of a control.
 TextFormatStyle TextFormatStyle contains constants to be set on the TextFormat.style property.
 TextInput The TextInput class provides developers with a single line input field.
 TextInputBase Provides base functionality for input text components.
 TextInputIconMode The TextInputIconMode class contains the constants that govern when icons are enabled on a TextInput field.
 TextLineRecycler The TextLineRecycler class is used by text components to re-use TextLines.
 TextTruncationMode Provides values for setting the truncationMode of components.