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net.rim.blackberry.events Summary



The net.rim.blackberry.events package contains event implementations for BlackBerry specific services.


 CreateChannelSuccessEvent An event when a create channel operation has succeeded.
 PaymentErrorEvent This event is dispatched by PaymentSystem if a payment service method invocation fails.
 PaymentSuccessEvent This event is dispatched when the purchase is a success.
 PushServiceConnectionReadyEvent An event when the connection to the Push Service is back up and ready again after a create session, create channel, destroy channel, register to launch or unregister from launch operation previously failed with the PushServiceErrorEvent.PUSH_SERVICE_CONNECTION_CLOSED error code.
 PushServiceErrorEvent An error event when a Push Service operation has failed.
 PushServiceEvent An event when a Push Service operation has succeeded.
 PushTransportReadyEvent An event when a create channel or destroy channel operation has previously failed with either the PushServiceErrorEvent.PUSH_TRANSPORT_UNAVAILABLE or the PushServiceErrorEvent.PPG_SERVER_ERROR error code and the network, push transport, or the PPG is now back up again (so the operation can be tried again).